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  • 1. Professional services for accounting

    • Registration chronological accounting of articles based on primary documents
    • Development and verification monthly balance checking, and checking accounts debt against the consolidated budget of the state
    • Drawing log book, register inventory logs VAT and big book
    • Drawing tax declarations monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual
    • Registration and certification of annual financial statements and half
    • Accounting management, analysis of the profit and loss analysis of production costs
    • Analysis of financial flows, cash-flow
    • Analysis of debt
    • Analysis of capital and imobilizarilor
    • Preparation of revenue and expenditures
    • Assistance to prepare dossiers for obtaining bank loans, lines of credit
    • Consultancy on legislation, financial accounting and tax (tax on profit, income tax, VAT, excise duties, social security)
    • Coordinating and conducting the annual inventory
    • Taxpayer assistance during fiscal controls

  • 2. Services personnel / payroll

    • Consulting regarding the preparation of personnel files
    • Registration, application and tracking of personnel files
    • Preparation and submission states payment of wages
    • Preparation and submission of declarations on the
    • rights obligations related staff
    • Drawing file post
    • Elaborating file tax
    • Services recruitment, selection and placement staff