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"Conflict has always existed, its solution depends only on the parties involved."

Unlike traditional processes based on the principle that a party wins and another loses, mediation is a mean of resoluting conflict where all parties win.
The Law no. 192/2006 on mediation and the mediator profession, opened the way for numerous extrajudicial settlement of civil, criminal and commercial, focusing on the interests of the parties and not on the legal aspects of the conflict.

MEDIATION is the art of turning conflict into understanding, representing an alternative way of resolving conflicts amicably, with the help of a specialized third party neutral, impartial and without discretion, or mediator.
The mediator can not impose a solution on the parties to the dispute submitted to mediation. It is designed to assist parties and support them in their common approach in resolving the conflict, in order to obtain an affordable solution for all those involved in mediation.
Any natural or legal person may apply to the mediator. Mediation may attend two or more parts, depending on the number of people involved in the conflict. During mediation, you are in control and take your own decisions. Mediators do not impose their opinions or solutions propiile.
Thus, mediation is a voluntary and confidential procedure which allows people in conflict to find a solution to their problem by establishing a solution to satisfy both sides eventually.

Advantages of mediation:

  • - Lower costs (no stamp duty);
  • - Faster resolution of the dispute;
  • - Active and direct involvement of the parties in the mediation process;
  • - Confidentiality of mediation;
  • - Providing a framework for discussion;
  • - Relaunch relations between the parties;
  • We offer mediation services for the following types of conflicts:

    1. Family Rights
    • • Divorce without minor
    • • Divorce with minor
    • • Divorce without / with minors
    • • Child custody
    • • Restoration of Custody of Minors
    • • Share alimony
    • • Visit Program
    • • Conflicts of Paternity
    2. Civil Rights
    • • granitude
    • • claims
    • • pretentii
    • • evacuation
    • • obligation to make
    3. Commercial Rights
    • • payment summons
    • • claims
    • • evacuations
    4. Penal Rights
    • • prior complaints
    5. Labor disputes
    • • royalties
    • • imputation decisions
    • • termination