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    In an economy in constant development the initiator and the leader of a business is constraint to accomplish his purpose, namely the one of prosperity. He dissipates energy in the attempt of governing this legislative brake leaving the accumulation of capital last, and considering the fears related to the poor knowledge of the law primordial.



    P. Bolinet claimed that a manager is a person that can achieve his purposes through others. This is the concept that made us understand the multitude of problems raised by the leadership of a company and which we materialized in the promotion of the complete package of services and information so that the problems of our partners boil down to the accumulation of capital for the development of their own business.


    The accountancy information, as well as the juridical one and the documentations regarding the attainment of capital through lending became a must nowadays to the initiator and leader of a business. The responsibility that we assumed is not related only to the offering of complete and complex information. Moreover, it is an investment: we give our partners the power to understand economically and judicially the business that they lead. The correct and complex information proved to be the safest way that guarantees the success of an organization and represents the key of success in assuring its competitive status and its future.