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Lawyers: Alin Marcu, Valentin Chiriacopol - 0758/AVOCAT(0758/286.228)| Chef de bureau: Mirela Onica


  • Assisting in front of the public authorities;
  • Representation in front of the judicial instances;
  • Defending, representation, with specific judicial means of legitimate rights and interests, in the relations with public authorities, public institutions, and any other person, natural / judicial Romanian or foreigner;
  • Approving all comercial operations from legal point of view;
  • Negociation and writing the internal and external commercial contracts;
  • Informing of interested compartiments on the legislation in effect and on the application manner;

Offering judicial consultation as follows:
  • Consultation regarding of making up and using the credit securities;
  • Consultation in the field of international legislation regarding the contractual conditions of import export for the negociation of import export contracts of raw materials, machines and auxiliary materials;
  • Consultation and assistance in the field of work legislation;
  • Consultation in the field of duties and taxes;
  • Writing of judicial papers to attest the identity of the parts, content and of the date of the papers;
  • Writing of demands according to civil, comercial, criminal, fiscal, wordk, regulation, as well as means of action;
  • Meeting all legal forms regarding the debt collection, either amiably, either through the execution.

Our office is specialized in comercial right and Financial Consultation!